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Firm Overview
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Our Approach
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Business Turnaround
    Our Process
    Our Process

    We evaluate each opportunity to provide the optimum level of support and identify the required capital need at each step of the process.

    Enhanced value creation through each step of the Turnaround Process.

    Step One: Planning Stage
    • Industry knowledge and access
    • Due diligence and value creation identification
    • Management interviews and cross-enterprise relationship development including customers and suppliers
    • Business case - entry to exit
    • Change Management Planning
    Step Two: Performance Improvement
    • Actively lead operational and strategic turnaround
    • Commercial/operational/management "hands-on" support
    • Evaluating and recruiting executives/managers
    • Internal growth strategies
    • Acquisition strategies
    • Establishing strategic supplier/customer network
    • Renegotiate continued supply contacts
    • Negotiate closure of all open commercial issues
    Step Three: Ownership Value Enhancement
    • Strategic options for enhanced value stream
    • Plan to realize optimum value
    • Negotiations
    • Transition support
    • Continuous improvement